Max objects setting at 100 by default bug? [01_192_022]

Sk1ns shared this bug 5 months ago

Unsure if this was intended but then again if it was then why when the pop up states otherwise, so I've put a '?' at the end.

This setting is seen when setting up a new game under advanced, It wasn't 100 by default before the recent and unknown updates (the unknown updates which steam never reported downloading).

Is this a bug, has someone at 'Keen' messed up in changing the max objects default setting which may be causing other such things happening...

Even after setting this to well under the warned limit (64 it seems to be now) and still problems regardless. Keen should be doing in house testing, properly this time around, may well be linked to other bugs within the game, the same game which should be tested, checked over and tested again before releasing updates of any kind

Beginning to think the new content that's been added is in fact the 'new' bugs at this point

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