Make Jump Drives' operation more manual to balance them.

Kephyr shared this feedback 15 months ago

*Reposting this from the original feedback site*

Jump Drives, ever since their implementation, have been too convenient. So much so that they prevent interesting gameplay scenarios to occur naturally. Being able to almost immediately jump away from danger, into any direction at a click of a button kills a lot of fight opportunities too easily, and thus make multiplayer less exciting. Making their operation more manual and skill-intensive will fix many of these problems.

One way to do this is by disabling the option of jumping to specific coordinates, restricting Jump Drives to only be able to jump forward, so you'd have to align your ship with the coordinates where you want to jump manually (or use a script).


For an even more controversial solution - make it so that you can only use the drive after having reached a specific speed, like 70m/s or so (this number can be proportionate to the ship's mass). In this case, you could take away the countdown when you press the button to jump.