Main menu is not visible.

Gyula Masa shared this bug 6 months ago
Need More Information

Dear Developers,

I cannot see any manu items, after I start the game, and the start video is played.

If I hover my mouse around, SOME itens alt text appear, but no buttons are visible.

Please find attached my log file.

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Meanwhile I reinstalled my nVidia driver, as detailed in another report.

I could find out, that the Opacity of the menus was set to zero.

If I re-enable experimental mode, the menu disappears again, and I could not even change the opacity.


Hi Gyula,

please locate and remove SpaceEngineers.cfg

you can find it here:

\Users\[YOUR PROFILE]\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\

All options will be set to default. Please test and let us know if it helps.

Kind Regards

Ondrej Nahalka

QA Lead, KeenSWH


Hey, thank you for the hint.

It looks like, it solved the issue.