Linux Dedicated Server need please

Pascal Bigeault shared this feedback 5 months ago

The servers are generally more stable on linux and many games offer the ability to make a server on linux, better control of resources assigned by application and better management of resources available to operate multiple server at the same time, from my choice to use Linux for platform for dedicated servers.

I can understand that at the moment they have impossible you to modify the games to make it Opengl. However, it would be possible and easier to do than for the games, to modify the launcher for the dedicated server so that it can run on linux.

Thank you :)

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Game is built upon C# and .NET - a proprietary Microsoft Windows technologies.

It would require a complete rewrite in different language unless a Linux port will be done by MS itself ...


Wasn't it also something with the physics engine not being available on Linux?

Nevertheless, yes, a Linux server version is needed. Windows costs money and is humongous, both factors severe deterrents from setting up one's own dedicated server.