Lighting Issues/Shadows Disappear

test test shared this bug 4 months ago

I can consistently cause this lighting bug to occur without fail every single time. I waltz outside my base, then I waltz back in, then all of the shadows are virtually gone, or fail to render. This is pretty crappy for me on a personal level. Yes this game is fun and creative but the atmosphere is extremely important to what I am trying to achieve, and the lighting is just sooo buggy. Its %100 consistent.

All I have to do to get the bug to happen is legitimately walk out of my base, then back in, then for the rest of the game everything is lit up like a Christmas tree with no shadows. It does come back if I reload the game, but since I am walking in and out of my base like clockwork it's kind of redundant to reload every minute.

I attached some pics of the bug along with what settings I use, my system is more than capable of running everything on max, I thought that might be the problem, but it isn't.

Also attached a dxdiag of my system.


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