Large Ship Welder

idont know shared this bug 5 months ago

I tried to build a large grid welding ship and was confused why it won't work. So i've had a closer look at it.. It seems like that the model of the welder is not placed correctly "in the grid" and the backwards connector can't be used cause it will not connect to the next conveyor or cargo. There's a visible gap between them and you still have acces to the backward connector of the welder by hand in the right angle. And if you use the sideward connection points to make it work they drain all the materials in the ship in seconds for only 2 or 3 blocks of heavy armor (in case my 15k steel plates and 9k metal grids)

To reproduce build a small cargo, attach a welder and have a closer look at the connection sides

for the material drain just build a weld ship where the welders are connected sideways and behind them is a small cargo container (wich normally will connect the welder to the conveyor system, if there is no gap)

Anyways. Thanks for the good work on this game! And i hope you can fix this fast :)

Edit: Testet on a fresh vanilla world. Creative and survival

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tested now on keen DE9 server. same problem. Large grid welder also drains all ressources. If this is not game breaking enough, small ship welders can weld everything without ressources. This occoures if you exit and re enter the ship a few times

This is really gamebreaking


Its the last stage of a welder that changes position

Just testet with the new public test...