large Grids sinking into Voxels while landed, explode when landing released

Stardruid shared this bug 12 months ago

Happened multiple times where a large grid landing gear locked to ice would sink into ice. Started fine on load but after a bit would look normal but player would walk around in the blocks like the floor was not in the right location, on reload the location of the grid would be updated, sunk into ground. Always explode after landing gear is released or when attempting to mine free, forcing reload and use of alt+f10 and cut/pasting it to fix. Not sure what is causing it, might be the mining rig of Pistons I added to it, but believe it did it before I add them.

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i have the same bug. no pistons involved

easily replicated -

build a large grid ship from the landing gear up, on a planet.

unlock landing gear, take off.

land, turn off thrusters, lock landing gear.

unlock landing gear, turn on thrusters, try to take off, but the only part of the ship that moves are the bits flying everywhere from the explosion.

as a new player, this is my 3rd ship ive built and ive not yet been able to leave the planet... really frustrating, makes the game unplayable.