Landing one ship on another and then depowering it disables both ships.

Sony shared this bug 5 months ago

For example if you land your small ship on a larger ship, or even a station, and then switch the power off on your small ship by pressing Y then the ship you landed on will also lose power.

It only seems to work if your landing gear is locked to the other ship. No connectors or merge blocks were used, just the landing gear lock.

I have tested this successfully on several different types of ship, as well as a couple of stations - Including the ones spawned by the game as part of the easy start scenarios.

There's no way this is intended behavior right? I really hope not, as it makes carrier ships very difficult to manage.

I am running game version 1.191.023 with experimental mode on.

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This "bug" has been around for a long time ,, about 2 or more years i think now. would be nice to get a Fix to this.


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