Landing Gear + pistons = all advanced rotors in existence explode

Brandon Victor shared this bug 11 months ago

I was playing on the experimental version.

We are on a planet. We made a nice (horrendous) drill buggy. Giant. Large block structure with a pillar of pistons about 40 blocks high. A drill press, and press we did. The drill press had 100 drills on it, so the pistons needed to have their Maximum impulse axis set to around 22GN in order to lift the drill press.

We pressed so much that it lifted the vehicle up in the air. It looked dangerous, so we added a landing gear to hold the ship in place as we drilled.

Held the main ship steady as a rock as the drills were pressed into the ground. Seemed to work great until the game dropped a bunch of frames, the pillar of pistons imploded, and the whole ship glitched out and tore itself to pieces (it just hovered in space about 20m above the surface of the planet, with pieces flying off). At first we figured we'd just exceeded the maximum tensile force on the pistons.

Then we got back to base, and all of our advanced rotors were mysteriously destroyed. Just the advanced rotors. Not the regular rotors. And our antenna. That's gone too.

Somehow, our imploding vehicle about 2km away from our base caused all of our advanced rotors to fall apart, too.

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Oh, also, this area used to be mostly ground. The pistons were pretty much just in a tunnel with about 2m of clearance to the roof. Now the ground around the pistons appears to have exploded, too.


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I had a strange issue with a ship with a landing gear. Now I noticed (a day later) that all advanced rotors are exploded in my world. I will try to see if I have save files to find back when it happened