Ladder attached to a rotating structure triggers Jetpack

Rodrigo Peetz shared this bug 2 months ago

You can clearly see that the ladder attached to a static structure works normally, and the ladder attached to a structure that is attached to a rotor triggers the jetpack on and off.

Not sure if the Jetpack triggering is because of the structure being attached to the rotor.

The issue can be lethal to players with no hydrogen since they will fall down(on gravity) or float away(without gravity)

Video of the issue

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I encountered the same bug.

My setup was a station on earth with a rotor facing downwards as part of the station. Pistons in series coming off of the rotor had ladders on the side of them, and interacting with these ladders as the rotor is spinning caused the player to not attach to the ladder and trigger the jetpack. Rotation speed was set to -2.5rpm

When stationary or at very low speeds the character can stay on, but when spinning is increased it kicks the character.