Keep losing blocks/icons/textures

James Biddulph shared this bug 6 months ago

I am costantly losing blocks, for example if I try to build (let's say) a med centre there is sometimes nothing there so I cannot see what orientation the block is in, I also lose icons like in the assembler and refuinery. Textures change for the different ores for instance just now the silver changed from a silver colour to red, after the game has been shut down and restarted it uis back to normal for a time before it starts happening again, also when I close the game down [correctly] it is still showing as running in steam, as a consquence I have to manually close Steam with the task manager to get the game to run again.

I have attached the latest log file and the save game.

My system specs are as follows...

Ryzen 5 1600x cpu

GTX 1070ti Graphics card

32 Gb system memory.

I have tried the game in low settings medium settings and high settings.

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