[INVINCIBLE BLOCKS] making automatic mining machines impossible

Ar Lu shared this bug 7 months ago


It happens when drilling (happened to me twice when I actually saw it and many times when I only saw the results of it happening).

An invincible, unmovable brick appears (different colors) - you can see it in the picture 1. Whenever anything collides with it - see results in the picture 2.

If it is a slowly moving vehicle it will just act as hitting a wall - if the brick gets somewhere around your suspension - your vehicle is absolutely stuck. When an automated machine with pistons interacts with it - BOOOM (ur precious machine is gone).

You cannot shoot the brick, pushing a player character against this brick will move it extremely slowly (would take hours to make a machine unstuck). The only thing that helps is using a drill to turn the brick into stones (instantly).

Happened in 2 different worlds (one survival, one creative).

It might be happening when there is a lot of drilling around the area (but I am not sure).

PLEASE fix this - I cannot use my automatic miners that took me hours of construction and calculation to build.

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