Inventory sizes changed in existing worlds, items disappeared

Outfrost shared this bug 9 months ago

By this point in the game's development, I'd expect the development team to be able to put together a coherent patch, and to make sure no obvious and simple issues persist, especially in as big a release as this one, leaving early access supposedly.

But it seems we still can't count on that. With the introduction of the progression tree, it has been taken care of that existing worlds have the feature turned off initially, to maintain a consistent gamestate. And yet, with the new inventory size multiplier setup, nobody has thought about setting reasonable values for existing worlds.

As a result, in a saved world with inventories set to 10x, when my server loaded up the world after upgrading the game version, the block inventory size modifier was set to 1, and all items in excess of the base capacities were culled. Wiped. Deleted without a trace. I don't think I can call that consistent, nor pleasant.

I'm sorry for the harsh words, but honestly, it's time these issues go away. Beta is over. You're supposed to have figured these things out. You're supposed to have seamless integration of new releases, but here we are, with something as simple as 3 or 5 lines of code, just overlooked.

Please patch this issue, before we load up and break more of our existing worlds.

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Also the dead player backpack uses a difrent multiplier than a living player, so if your backpack is full and you die some of the items will vanish.

Thx Keen


It's bad if this happens, but for this reason you should do regular backups , especially before applying patches, that's like the 1-0-1 for servers.

So you can avoid having a major release crushing all your stuff, just cause it uses different settings than usual.

But we can hope that now with Introduction of 1.0, the Standards of backward compatibility and such get more focus.


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