Incurable streaming and tool bug

Christopher Edmonds shared this feedback 14 months ago

I've been playing on Keen NA #9 and i've tried all afternoon and evening reconnecting, respawning, restarting the game, restarting my computer and I can't spawn and use my tools. After 20 minutes or so when the streaming icon disappears the tools won't work, and I can sit there forever and the tool doesn't seem to come up. Before after 5 minutes or so my tools would start working again. When I first started playing if I had an issue with the tools or streaming i'd just reconnect and it would instantly work. I also can't see any chat or anyones ping

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Also good to note if I join keen CA1 or CA2 there are zero problems, loads instantly


I can not even play on my own host. Much less manages it.

I get on the server, even load my stuff. But the respaw screen stays clean or stuck in the cryo for at least 10 minutes, sometimes even when the "streaming" ends.

This seems to have to do with server not being able to meet all, after a certain progression in the world.

Sync default distance of 3 km

GTX Host in SP Brazil.