Improvements to IMySoundBlock interface.

Kristian Williams shared this feedback 10 months ago

Currently it's not possible for a Programmable Block to accurately detect if an

is playing audio.

This means that it isn't possible to restore an IMySoundBlock to it's original state after starting / stopping audio.

Examples could be a loudspeaker which might (or might not) play a background audio, which needs to be stopped or started if an alarm is sounded.

This issue is further compounded by a second issue: calling

will reset an already playing track, so you can't just assume it's not playing and run the method.

My two suggestions:

1. Add

bool IMySoundBlock.IsPlaying { get; }
to the interface to test the current state of the audio.

2. Alter

void IMySoundBlock.Play()
so it has no effect when the block is already playing.

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Can confirm the same issues apply to the ModAPI as well. There is no isPlaying function, and in general no way to determine if a sound block is actively playing a sound.

These functions exist within Space Engineers, inside the MySoundBlock class. This is not whitelisted