Ideas for objective-based gameplay

John Platakis shared this feedback 11 months ago

I have spent countless hours in survival/exploration games very similar to Space Engineers and I have some suggestions that I believe would make the game more appealing

Even with so many video tutorials the beginning is too hard for a new player.

A more linear gameplay with gradually unlocking blocks and completing some minor and major objectives and tasks along the way would be easier and more appealing to a new player.

For example:

- When you start you could have a planetary lander (as it is now) but for the first mission to find some ice and fill in the h2/o2 generator (to learn how this process works)

- Later you could attempt to build a small rover to explore the planet and find a specific resource (eg.iron) and gather a specific amount of it

- For later objectives/mission I believe would be to build a small base on the planet (first the power blocks, later the refinery etc as minor objectives along the way)

- Then as a bigger mission there could be an objective to leave the planet

- Later objectives could be to build other types of ship such as driller / fighters etc

Of course this is just a summary of the typical gameplay of other great exploration and survival games but it would make Space Engineers more appealing to a beginner and make the learning curve more gradual.

Finaly there should be in-game tutorials (in the form of notifications/messages) which are always more helpful than videos.

These all would be great additions but I believe what the game really lacks is later-game motives and missions that would extend the playtime.

Thank you