Hydrogen and Oxygen cannot pass through large conveyor sorter

Local Yokel shared this bug 9 months ago

Hydrogen and Oxygen can only pass against the arrow direction of a large conveyor sorter. This means I'm not able to refill my H²/O² on a medical room, if there is a conveyor sorter between tank (sorter in) and medical room (sorter out). But if I turn the sorter 180°, then it works.

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As of July 20, 2019 my setup is

H2/O2 Generator > Conveyor Tubes/Junctions > Sorter > Assembler > Conveyor Tubes/Junctions > Vents/Med Room

When the Sorter has the arrows feeding into the assembler there is no gas flow to my vents and med room, but when the sorter is flipped to pull from the assembler the gas flows fine. Not sure if this bug is still being looked into and I just wanted to give an update that it still exists.