Hide Slave Assemblers from Production Page

Acynder Ignitus shared this feedback 5 months ago

In the page of Production, there is a menu were you can chose on wich assembler you want to put your order. It usually shows by default the lastest assembler build. I want the ability to hidde assemblers (mainly the ones set to co-op mode) from that list, with the objetive of avoiding puting orders on slave assemblers instead on the master assembler.

This is taking in to account that when one asssembler cant build at a aceptable pace anymore, player will add more assemblers to help out. This, as it is now will end in the newest assembler built showing by default on the production page. This is a problem because usually new assemblers are added to be slaves, but the Production page shows them first. This is a small problem the 2-3 first times it happens, but when production scales [THE FACTORY MUST GROW] it becomes a pain to locate what assembler is the one that the Production Page had set by default and set it to Master. This is not a game breaking bug or a broken mechanic, it's just a quality of life impovement.