Hauling Contract destination faction in listing to avoid faction loss from undeliverables.

Buzzard Schuman shared this feedback 6 months ago

When looking through contracts, it would be a *Really Good Thing* to know who owns the station where the package is going, so as to avoid hauling an expensive and undeliverable package with no means of knowing until the hostile beacon pops up.

Alternatively, can we have some means of actually completing a hauling contract to a hostile NPC station?

I'm currently looking at a contract block that I can't interact with, even though most of the rest of the station is usable, and dreading the faction loss hit with the issuer. The loss of collateral is the less painful hit at this point.

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I second this, While ive been busy getting a faction the green, i havent noticed that two factions had gone red one me, so imagine my suprice when i descended onto a red station to deliver a hauling contract..

I recomend adding the destination faction and location (space, Earth, Mars, Alien, Moon(s))