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Starfiregaming 322 shared this feedback 18 months ago

one thing I hate about SE is that when trying to take a ship, there's almost only one way to do it, that is grinding up everything and then welding it, there's also some way to do it with connectors but idk how to. I think i'd be a great idea to add another character tool that would give you control over systems of the ship, like turning off A. gravity or turning the ships defences against itself. although there'd have to be ways to counter that, like a block that works like a fire wall, it'll slow/ halt hacking on the ships

How I'd work: I think it should work by going to the main cockpit and left clicking with the hacking tool, then a pop up will show on your screen, it should either work by showing how much time is left on the hack or by giving you small tasks to do while hacking. If there's a fire wall, you'd have to find where it is and A: shut it down or B: blow everything up. After the fire wall is down it should work like the regular hacker.



P.S. I love this game

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i like the idea but I'd have two methods of hacking one outside of the terminal and one inside.

Outside of the terminal way would be you have a tool out just like a welder/grinder you hold it and a bar on the right will pop up and it would be similar to the block status bar when welding/grinding and you hold down the left mouse button to start hacking and the hacking will start and depending on what your hacking it would be really quick like say for example a light or it would be tough to hack like a jump drive or cockpit. If there are firewalls the hacking should slow down ie more fire walls should = slower hacking. Also for PvP a hud marker will pop up to the owner of the grid if they're in range to show what block is in the process of being hacked if the owner are not near the grid they'll get a hud notification that a block on the grid is getting hacked.

Now the inside of the terminal way would be you basically doing a mini game to get control of the thing you're try to hack and If there are firewalls the mini game will be harder.