Glass unaffected by fog from spotlights.

Oxygen4Lyfe shared this bug 5 months ago
Won't Fix

Whenever you are using a spotlight it creates this cool graphic effect that looks kind of like fog. Well, this fog has an issue where if you are looking through the fog it will not affect any glass parts of blocks. Even if it is just a small detail part of the block, or if its a window it will look very awkward. Here is an example showcasing glass on three different blocks through the fog effect from an above spotlight: a867f4671e39829a1babfb9e94cda609

This degrades the quality of using spotlights in your builds so much that they are practically useless for any visual effects in areas that contain glass. This bug has been around for a while and has made multiple builds of mine look weird to the point where I had to remove them. Just in case this bug only applies to users with specific in-game graphical settings I will also add that all my graphical settings are set to medium except for shader and shadow quality which are at low.

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Btw this bug isn't just for me. I'm pretty sure it happens to everyone.


Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of this issue, unfortunately this technological problem won't be solved in the actual engine version.

Thank you.

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