General problem about a Localization.

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Hello, KSW.

I'm Korean (Of course, south. :D) and currently has working of the SE localization to Korean.

I'm not good at talking and writing English because not fully understood English grammar, but I can read and understand the meaning what is talking about. I always translate the patch notes to Korean community after starting SE.

And I played Space Engineers almost 4,000h in Survival and it's just a personal opinion but I have a good building skill and know most of all mechanism and system of the SE and environment.

So I decide to making a FULL localization for Korean newbie for understanding SE well.

(My profile :

It's not only Translation, but also "localization" and add more details information in tooltip or terminal options for understanding function well.

And there are some question and general problem of localization work.


For example, I translate Connector's [Throw out] string to Korean "이 블록 인벤토리에 보관중인 아이템 배출", means "Throw out the Item contained in this block(Connector)", for more detail information about this function.

Yeah, it is too long, but I decied to localize it because that option has no tooltip.

Most of toggle type option has no tooltip and I suggest to Keen that adding a tooltip to all options for indroduce each function well.


There's a string in a localization table that I never seen in the game or removed long ago. I guess it's now unused string or can check that on the Scenario maker so need a developer's help where each string currently used.

There are many strings I don't know where it used exactly, so I hope a communicate this problem to developer about translation using e-mail or discord private chat.


BlockPropertiesText_MotorLocked: Safety locked

BlockPropertyTitle_LargeTurretTargetDecoys: Target decoys

BlockPropertyTitle_LargeTurretTargetMoving : Target moving objects


When I upload this Localization works to MOD at workshop, is Keen has a intension that making a Localization mod support and writing Korean, Japanese in editbox. Currently SE don't manage localization modding and Keyboard's IME support.

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4. Find some wrong strings at tooltip.

I'll report it again when I find a new one.

- [Edit] button in the [Faction] tab, Terminal

- password editbox when I try to entering server


Wrong tooltip-string link reports

- [Accept] button in the [Faction] tab, Terminal.