Game crashed "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" [01_192_022]

Sk1ns shared this bug 5 months ago

New game, star system, europa start. Pod landed, went to nearest station via jet pack to see what they had and had a look around, seen an unknown signal and 'pushed da button' and took it's cargo contents, went to another close ish station seeing what it had, sold steel plates (41 of them), used SC to get tools (welder, grinder and drill), another unknown signal and same again 'pushed da button' and took all the things this time using new grinder (called it Dave too), thereafter headed down to the icey moon having a good look around for boulders, found Cobalt which I drilled a hole into one side and out the other, 30 seconds after that drilled the ice here and there and from there off to a better spot to see mars.

Landed with jetpack off for a moment before placing blocks, first being half way in the ground and the other 10 placed on it. still had some left which I placed for setting up another windy turbine as well as 3 reffs and 1 assembler.

Then decided to pull up task manager, see how things are cooking with things their and seen memory climb up, CPU not doing much (12 threads, (6 cores) that is). 40 something seconds later total memory used is at 70% and I get a low memory warning from Windows pop up, I didn't close it nor did I close down/end the game, I left it running at which point I've another pop up message less than 20 seconds later "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" and finally the game crashed hard, took a while for it's process to end.

No mods at all were added. Cargo ships, drones, random encounters were all off, plus bounty contracts was off. Had only placed 24 blocks, grinded 1 out of 2 unknown signals, visited 2 stations and found cobalt hiding in a boulder... Around 40 ish minutes..

Maybe I should start recording this sort of thing from now on (desktop recording), might well help those who are thinking about getting the game think twice, even those console players, like a heads up so they know what to expect.

I've still not been to all planets/moons even after 4,295 hours of game time, still yet to do things I wanted to do 2 and a half years ago, just more and more bugs that are being added even after the game being fully released.

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Is there a resolution for this issue? Buddy of mine created a server and there are about 5-6 of us that play on it, haven't had any issues until yesterday when we all started getting hard crashes. A few times that exact same error message would pop up on my screen. Anytime we would log in and go near our moon base it would crash like that. When we log back in it would last about 10 seconds before it crashed again. One player managed to get far enough away I guess to unrender the base and he didn't crash. I start breaking the base down a little and it ran fine for about 30 min but now I am constantly getting the crash again. Please Help!!!