Frozen inventory bug

Arunas Pranckevicius shared this bug 10 months ago


Just got the frozen inventory bug not first time on own dedicated server.. Here is archived save to look at -

Most of base containers are bugged there, can't take out any items... usually starts with 1 container then creeps over to the rest of the base(edited)

The base is on planet, just make yourself to be on same faction "Ilaria"

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Arunas Pranckevicius

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I am having the same bug but its pretty much relegated to any container with a high amount of oxy/hydro bottles, maybe over 20.


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So, me and 3 of my friends have started a new survival save on my SE DS yesterday.

Since this new save, I've been seeing 2 weird issues: First we're all experiencing our inventory to be "bugged" after x-time (random). It seems like our inventory is visually not updating and it's also affecting gameplay as we can't use components anymore. Secondly, the CPU usage is now 13% higher than my other save game, which makes no sense at all with it being a brand new game with nothing in the world.

The first issue is resolved by logging out and re-logging into the server. The second is causing random lag.

My first issue matches this bug.



the Bug is still there. See the picture.

The number from Cobalt is not moving, and there is in real no more cobalt in the refinery. In real the is now stone in the refinery.

And you see in volume, that the 84 k from cobalt is not match.

But if i leave the server, and re join it. Then is the refinery "reset", and empty. And this is the same with container box.

@Support: Maybe to add here a refresh script for inventory ?