Fix the "dead grid" problem

lkjnmko shared this feedback 16 months ago

This is a very well-known problem among players, especially on small grids where the small reactors have a single inventory/conveyor port:

  1. You have a grid that uses reactors for power, where reactors are (obviously) connected to the conveyor system.
  2. The grid uses up all uranium from the reactors, and goes offline.


  • You find it impossible to get the grid back online, because you can't fill the reactors with uranium, since the conveyor system doesn't work when the grid is offline...
  • This can be particularly frustrating (and not user-friendly at all) for new players who have no idea about this issue until it happens to them.

As a workaround, what currently experienced players do is to place an additional, outward-facing small reactor on our builds, which is rather wasteful, and adds unnecessary weight, since that reactor is normally not in use, and is only there for emergencies.

Would be nice to see some solution to this problem.

Solutions (or mitigation) I can personally think of:

  • Add a second inventory/conveyor port on the small grid small reactor as well. This would allow us to leave an outward-facing inventory port of a reactor for emergencies, and still connect that reactor to the conveyor system.
  • Add a new, special block that can be placed on the exterior of the ship and accepts e.g. energy cells to provide power for the conveyor system.
  • Add a small, 1x1x1 solar panel block that we can place on the grids to provide the emergency power required for the operation of the conveyor system. (This block is sorely needed anyway according to many players.)
  • Simply allow the manual filling of reactors through the conveyor system even when the grid is offline.

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Oh yes, another idea for a solution (and an explanation how could the conveyor system still work when the grid is offline):

  • Using some of our suit power when we put items into an inventory through the conveyor system while the grid is offline.


I can honestly say that this problem has happened to me only enough times to start making emergency reactors (Or alternatively reserve batteries) mandatory on all of my builds. Large grids I usually have a small percentage of batteries locked in recharge, small grids I Always have one small reactor with the port facing out (seems a bit... dramatic to think of a single small reactor as dead weight... its weight is negligible compared to even the smallest grid and it's not really dead weight if it lets you start up a grid that is otherwise a giant paperweight). To me it fits the vibe of the game, but I can see how it frustrates people. I, and many others still believe there should be some bottled version of energy, like H2 and O2, which would help solve this problem in a reasonable way without dumbing things down.


Could always install a battery on the grid and leave it off except for emergencies.


I like these ideas, especially 1x1 solar panel.. But I want to ask, if we put sorter just before the reactor? Since long time I couldn't play properly or I might misunderstood the issue (as I understand, conveyor system takes/pulls all uranium from reactor and leaves it empty, then no uranium, no reactor fuel, no energy.. rigth? Does sorter keep uranium in reactor? (just an idea if I understand correctly..