Feature Request - Reworked space suit mechanics for increased survival and engineering challenges

Daniel Wood shared this feedback 8 months ago

I'd like for the space suit to be removed as a default piece of equipment, or at least the option for such (this could potentially open up a huge range of cosmetic apparel options but that's beside the point), and instead have it be a piece of equipment that has to be manufactured, and then takes up a very large portion of the players inventory...making it impractical to wear all the time, and rather be something you use strictly for EVA's. Which lets face it is what they're actually for...astronauts don't wear space suits 24/7 in space in real life after all. This in turn creates additional engineering challenges as ensuring proper ventilation then becomes much more important, compartmentalisation to prevent total loss of pressure in the event of hull breach, and having a means of accessing high areas would all become considerations (which brings me to another thought - even when a space suit is worn, its jump pack should be ineffective in higher gravity settings...earth, mars and the alien planet particularly, but also anywhere effected by strong artificial gravity)