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DArmada03 shared this bug 13 months ago


i've been keeping an eye on my server and i've come across something interesting, i understand something changed with mods.

The File i've attached is the latest server log, it shows alot of errors when it comes to the mods.

Texture not being Loaded and Failing to Parse.

Resources for the mods not being found, even tho the address it has down is correct, apart from 1 little charcter.

C:\TCAFiles\Users\Nothingto show here\67057\\content\244850\1492804882\963101791793261143_legacy.bin\Data\TransparentMaterials.sbc

The extra \ before content, not sure if its ment to be there or not.

Not sure if this is helpful or not really detailed but if your wanting access to more server logs, let me know and i'll be happy to give them, or if you want to server save and list of mods i'm using agian let me know.


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