Excuse me for that.

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After 169 hours of play, I lost my interest in the game.

Every no-mods start in the Survival: Solar system is the same, debts, boring, can not be skipped or shortened.

So experience plays no role.

Multiplayer is horrific and factions in MP imperfectly.

On start, each faction of other players is automatically enemy. Or did I misunderstand something?

Sharing found places is in a faction complicated and awkward.

Missing maps of space, planets, missing any kind of navigation.

Obtained experience is, never build cars. It's a pointless step.

The game lacks many elements from Empyrion, that are necessary for this game.

To build anything from big grid Blueprint with projector is incredibly cumbersome and complex even if you have a utility ship. This is more of a nuisance and you will return to handmade.

I tried starting on the moon, and using the economy. It is an even worse and more useless step. Only at the beginning is unnecessarily delaying you.

The game environment is beautiful and realistic. I like the moon. But it also ends there. And the game stops entertaining much sooner than Empyrion.

Important fact, there is no sliding ramp for vehicles. And in MP there is usually a very limited number of rotors and pistons (can an airtight single ramp be built?).

Hangar doors are very expensive (You need min 3 - 4 hangar blocks).

Everything in this game is very expensive, and it takes a whole thing to build something small.

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With 1500+ hours I still find the game exciting. :D

(Usually playing with all Realistic settings in Survival, with no mods)

I could argue about some of the things that you said, like I think experience definitely plays a role, and a Solar System Survival Start can be really different, based on where you start, and what direction you want to take with that playtrough. You can even go as far as building your own Landing Pod and using it at the start, if you are not enjoying the very early phases.

I'm not that much of an MP player, so I can't say anything about that.

Also, I think that cars do have their own role in the game, because they can transport a lot of stuff, with minimal power consumption, and they work on any environment that has gravity. Yeah sure, flying vehicles are faster and more convenient, but in the early phases a car is significantly cheaper and easier to maintain. Also, a large grid rolling base can be pretty useful if you are on a planet, and still significantly cheaper than a flying one.

There are ways to use GPS coordinates in the game, so it's not true, that there is no way to navigate, but I do agree, that it could see some upgrades and improvements, because if you have a lot of waypoints, then it's really hard to organize them. Some kind of Map would be pretty nice as well...

I'm fine with the Projector, it has it's uses, but it's not something that you would use every single time you build something, but that's fine.

I also really like the economy features, they add a lot more stuff to do to the game, I really like the stations, especially the ones that sell ships, so I can buy some and modify them for different tasks, cutting the time that I would spend on building one from scratch.

Most of the blocks are balanced in terms of resource requirements, but it's true, that there are some blocks that are not. The case of Hangar Doors is that they require a lot of stuff, because they are really tough, so it's understandable, but I do get what you say, sometimes they do feel like that they cost too much... :D

If you lost your interests in the game it's fine I guess. Put it away for some time, then come back later, and you'll enjoy it again. The games like SE, that builds really hard on your creativity, are like that. Sometimes you burn out, and you need some time to recover.


I was going to say, there's literally a tab that pops up every time you open your inventory labeled "GPS"


I think he means the blocks are expensive in terms of PCU. Which is true. But that's to control the number people build. Anything with an animation takes a heavy toll on the Vrage engine. If you have too many doors opening at once for example, the game becomes a slide show until that animation completes.

The OP is comparing apples to oranges though when it comes to Empyrion. Yes it's a similar game. But it's focus is on the survival and adventure elements. SE's focus is on building physics based clang contraptions.


If you dont like the game then gp back to the one you were playing. The game designers aren't going to redesign the game just because it's not exactly like the one you used to play.