Easy start update

Onyex shared this feedback 12 months ago

I'd like the easy starts to get updated/upgraded when the survival update happens. Basically I'd love an upgraded big blue (my personal favorite ship on the easy starts) and the big red the actual station could be nice too (I am referring to the platform easy start not the green base one) but I would like to see big blue and big red to have some reworks to incorporate atmosphere flight abilities so atmospheric and hydrogen thrusters maybe some parachutes (so maybe one day keen can mash the easy space starts with a solar system and you can use blue or red to travel to planets and back to your space base without needing to add a planet in creative. Also keen if your reading this feel free to steal the idea if you didn't have it already you have my permission) I'd also appreciate a larger version of red and blue ships or at least a less cramped version. And some down facing spotlights too for possible atmospheric incursions or just lighting up that asteroid with uranium etc. I hope you'll consider my requests and I hope they'll be implemented in the future

Sincerely a person with over a thousand hours in space engineers