DS - Remote Camera disconnecting

Zephyris_13 shared this bug 5 months ago

Steps to reproduce -

  1. Place an antenna at a base
  2. Place another antenna at a second base (make sure the bases are 10km apart)
  3. Set both antennas range to 11km
  4. Place a camera at one of the bases, and try to access it from the other base
  5. Player gets kicked out of camera view

Alternate steps -

  1. Same as above up to and including step 3
  2. Place a ship with an antenna, camera and remote control about 4km away from one of the bases
  3. Set ship antenna to 5km
  4. Go to furthest base and remote control the ship (and view ship camera)
  5. At a certain point (around the Server's Sync Distance) player will be kicked out of camera view

This issue I managed to replicate every time, and makes drone practically useless

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