DLC Texture Pack reset back to default on some blocks

George Zeng shared this bug 6 months ago

Painting the large grid turret blocks with the DLC textures is apparently not permanent. After logging out of a game and logging back in, the textures on the large grid turret blocks will revert back from the carbon fiber skin to the original texture. I have also noticed this on the large grid small reactors as well as the sliding doors, but reverting from the clean skin back to the original texture. Deleting grids and re-pasting them seems to solve this issue, however, it is obviously not possible in survival mode without changing admin permissions. Trying to repaint these blocks with the DLC textures will not do anything as the blocks still think they are painted with the new texture.

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I'm also seeing this on Medical Rooms, Flight Seats and Control Stations - these are supposed to be using the Clean armour skin.




I have seen this problem on large grid industrial cockpit, survival kit and doors when when blocks on the same grind using the same skin does't experience the same problem

Sometimes I get the right skin and sometimes i don't when loading in.