Setting to Disable Video Animation in Background

kill2die shared this feedback 11 months ago

Hello there,

it would be nice to have an option in the settings to disable the frequent video playback of the Background Video.

Sometimes you dont want to see it all the time running and more likely to see a stable background image, especially when just having the game open and testing stuff.

Greets Michael

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Since a dev locked the comments in Steam, I figured I would post here.

In the game folder, go to Content -> Videos. You can then either change the file names, or delete them. Game (seems to) run(s) perfectly fine without them.

One note, the KSH.wmv video is the splash screen. If you change/remove this one, you have to click twice through 2 engine built-in splash screens instead.

Another note, I do not play multiplayer. I do not know if this will invalidate anti-cheat or mods or anything like that since the folder checksum would be different. Use this information as you will.