Default Mod List

Kevin Lynch shared this feedback 18 months ago

This is really a "quality of life" idea that should be relatively easy to implement. Basically I want to be able to create a list at the main menu of all the mods I want included in my worlds by default. The idea being a player would setup a list once and never need to look at it again until a mod needs to be removed or something new needs to be added.

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Need this badly :)

I would further this idea and allow a dropdown box that would allow switching between different 'mod sets'. So you can easily choose a 'set of mods' that you want included in that particular play through.

For example: -

- One 'mod list' might contain encounter mods

- Another one might include only new planets

- Another one might only include weapon mods.


I really like the idea of creating and sharing "mod sets" like we do blueprints and worlds today.


Maybe could use steam collection?