International System of Units

Pure Wrath shared this feedback 2 months ago

I think the game should be in accordance with the "General Conference on Weights and Measures". Let's say I have 1.4K of Ice in my inventory, in-game: Mass = 1,400.00 kg; Volume = 518.00 L.

"The 22nd General Conference on Weights and Measures declared in 2003 that "the symbol for the decimal marker shall be either the point on the line or the comma on the line". It further reaffirmed that "numbers may be divided in groups of three in order to facilitate reading; neither dots nor commas are ever inserted in the spaces between groups"[22] (e.g. 1000000000). This usage has therefore been recommended by technical organizations, such as the United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology.[23]

ISO-8601 also stipulates normative notation based on SI conventions, adding that the comma is preferred over the full stop."

So, the "correct" form should be: 1.4K of Ice; Mass = 1 400,00 kg or 1.400,00 kg; Volume = 518,00 L.

LINKS: - "Lexicographic convenctions" section; "General rules" sub-section.

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Very yes. At least separate the thousands.


And dont forget: weight is dependent on gravity, so what is 1400kg on eartlike it should be like ~300 kg on moon. And yet, as i saw till now its always presented as it would be on 1G.


But the mass of stuff doesn't change, and mass is given in kg. Weight, technically, is a force, but is handled and traded in kg(1 g) for convenience.

Of course, question is, which one is more useful to have displayed in the various places in the game GUI.