Dangerous asteroid spawning - regulation request

Volker Trauth shared this feedback 11 months ago

In your world settings, you can determine the rate how often asteroids will spawn when you travel around in space. Nice feature, but...

... it can happen that asteroids will spawn quite in front of your ship or even into the ship, so it has to crash. So I suggest a minimum distance where this is allowed to happen.

Now more specific:

I have some ships travelling between stations on autopilot. It happened two times a ship got crashed because of running into a supposedly spawning asteroid on its path. I have autopilot enabled avoidance of obstacles. Did not help. Autopilot either did ignore new asteroids or could not react in time while flying at speed 90.


Make it so asteroid spawning only happens when player is present. It should not get triggered by player builts passing by on autopilot. And with a minimum distance so evasion maneuvers can be taken, either by player or autopilot.

It's really a bad surprise to find your ship crashed into an asteroid, like on my example picture, Found this when I noticed the grid wasn't moving any longer and teleported to location to find this.