Dampners not calculating sub-grids

Dicen shared this bug 5 months ago

This may be on here somewhere else and I apologize if it is but this is a HUGE pain, most of the time if you have a sub-grid on a ship using pistons or rotors their mass will NOT be calculated meaning your dampeners will never fully stop you, this is especially troubling in atmosphere because you will always be moving towards the ground. Is there any way you guys could fix this? I feel that its one of the more important issues at the moment.

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Yes, I do! Have the same bug! :)

I think it's NOT a new bug and for me it does the exact same thing with connected (via Connectors and Merge Block) ship too!

It's really sad because it removes a lot a flexibility!

  • Merge blocks is a clear case, alright.
  • Everything in a "locked" state (landing gears, connectors) acts a bit funny. Since not all grids may have thrusters in all directions this requires new code that treats all locked grids as one large dampened entity and can accept that there may be thrusters on it pointing in all kinds of directions. Should be straight forward to implement. (Famous last words.)
  • Rotors, wheels and pistons on the other hand that have a degree of freedom is a can of worms. Imagine a flyer with some sort of hammer arm rotating up and down on its side. When it moves down it counters gravity and thrusters go idle, when it comes back up it overwhelms the thrusters and the ship sinks swing-by-swing. You could argue that it should try to hold position, but that's not what dampers currently do, they just try to bring your current speed to zero.