Crosshair is off-center on camera

posthy shared this bug 5 months ago

As the title says. The deviation gets more obvious when zoomed in, as seen on the attached image.

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Note: The crosshair is projected 1000 m in front of the controlling block and the deviation we see is essentially parallax. It will be centered when you place the camera directly in front of the cockpit or remote control.

In theory you could aim at a target with the cockpit or a centered camera, then switch to an off center camera and fly closer to the object until its crosshair is over the target. Congratulations, you are now exactly 1 km away from it. This is out of weapons range of static grids and for two fighters approaching at top speed this is the ideal engagement distance. (Based on shots flying 800m and a ship flying 200m respectively in 2 seconds time.) I found that once I understood why the crosshair is out of center, it became more of a feature than a bug that only gets in the way when you just cannot place a camera close to the cockpit.