Crash on loading a specific World

Playa shared this bug 8 months ago

Well, its kinda strange, my Game once crashed while playing the World attached, since then the Game is loading the World and when nearly done (guest by Time) it crashes.

It seems that the Issue is related to the Memory since other Programs go out of RAM Space and Windows gives me a Warning. The strange Thing about this is, the Memory is only about 60% full before the Game crashes, ive checked it with 3 Programms to be sure about that.

Whats also strange is that all Backups of that World also seem to have gone corrupted so that this Crash appears in every Revision of that World.

Just to point it out, my Drive is fine so i dont think its related to that.

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Okay, this Problem dosent seem to be related to that specific World. It happens on all Worlds that are to big or become to big.

I saw the Log only contains the Build Number, the Version shown ingame is maybe easyer to refer to: 1.189.040

I also attached a different Crash, its about DirectX but the Source is yet again a Memory Issue.

I found also a Minidump File, idk if that helps you


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