Conveyor System Upgrades

Greg House shared this feedback 12 months ago

1. The ability to turn off the conveyor system is great for a few things, but seriously fails in several, especially with loads of resources and mods. One of the simplest is a refinery told to not use conveyor system and refine silicon, the refinery will then refine the silicon ore manually loaded in until it is filled with refined silicon,, but because it cannot use the conveyor system it now shuts down.

What is needed here is 1 or 2 solutions...

A. If device is online and manually given task allow in/output per task nothing more.

B. Allow conveyor system: Output y/n Input y/n -- check box.

2. I know conveyor sort blocks are in-game and a great addition but they to have their limitations.

A. Primarily, the limitations are they are strictly 1-way per block. The game could really use a bi-directional sort block.

B. The second concern for sort blocks, is are they really needed to have a cargo capacity of their own? I keep finding these things with items that never needed to stay in the sort blocks and usually are only there because some ref/assembler found them a convenient vomit point.

3. I have seen this asked for multiple times, but refineries and assemblers should really have the option to only draw from this or that location, not simply and ENTIRE grid or anything CONNECTED to grid. Even reactors are especially annoying about this, to the point assemblers are constantly competing for missile production. Perhaps this could be an upgrade module or cousin to the Sort Block as a 'Logistics' Block?