Conventional conveyor belt block

Salvador shared this feedback 11 months ago

Idk why this isn't a thing amongst other players but I feel that the game is lacking a conventional conveyor belt system.

Conveyor belts could be used for a lot of stuff other than just transport components around. They can be used to painlessly and with very little engineering transport vehicles through tight space areas where it's difficult to maneuver. They can be used as rails for big structures. They can be used as moving walkways to get players faster to places of interest (using jetpacks inside structures is kinda weird and also dangerous). They can be used to tranport rocks when mining manually.

These are just the things that come out from the top of my mind.

The way I see, it can be just a simple block with a single surface that applies a vector force to anything in contact with it (just like the one in Infinifactory for ppl who knows the game). That block can have more variants in the form of angled and curved belts.

I don't think any blocks already available in the game can be modded to it, and it seems something very basic, so what about it?