Complete Failure of Graphics

David shared this bug 4 months ago

After resetting my computer to fix an unrelated problem, i re-downloaded space engineers. I hadn't played in a while, and a new update had come out since the last time I played. The game launched just fine, and everything seemed normal until I loaded into an old save of mine. For a split second, the graphics were fine, and then everything except the HUD went completely black. the only in-game texture that would load was the sky, and even then, it was mostly blotted out by large, Black Polygonal shapes. i tried re-installing it, re-launching it, resetting the textures, everything. Its completely Unplayable. I've heard of others having this problem, but i cant find a way to fix it.

Help, anyone?

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I am really desperate for a proper fix that doesn't require me to start a new world.


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