Collision broken in Keen NA #4 server

Lane shared this bug 9 months ago

The world in the official Keen NA #4 is broken.

Players, and ships simply move through voxels and other grids. No Collision is working. The reason or cause for it is undertermined, but it is a current, and repeated, event.

Rovers on Earth are collecting at the center, and everyone in space cannot dock connectors, nor stand on their ships.

The world "broke" like this last night, and a server reset wasnt triggered. After a regularly scheduled reset happened, the collision worked again, but upon returning to the world after sleep just now, Its broken again.

This requires a hotfix or at very least a complete wipe of the world, so that the released game does not appear to be so buggy after release to any who may join this server for the first time.

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Was fixed upon login this afternoon, but just broke all collision detection again, 10 min ago. 3rd time in 36 hours


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