Cloud saved Blueprints don't have a preview image

Radeth T (Radeth) shared this bug 19 months ago

Hi! I just noticed that you guys introduced this new awesome feature to save blueprints to steam cloud, GOOD JOB!! :D

The problem now is that I'd like to replace my locally saved BPs and it automatically creates a new entry with a small cloud icon next to it, very good I thought, now I'll just delete the locally saved one and that's it! Unfortunately though cloud saved BPs don't seem to support a preview image, which are very useful when you are looking for something and don't remember its name.

Is this a steam side limitation or is this something you were planning to add?

Right now I have my BP list with duplicates in which the local one is an outdated version of the build (can't replace it cause it automatically only updates the cloud one now) and the cloud one doesn't have a previe picture. Kinda annoying.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good job!!

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Additionally I can't upload/update the Blueprint to the Steam Workshop … for some reason that Button is missing ,,,


Now Blueprints saved in steam cloud have preview images! YAY! Although the "replace with clipboard" button not actually working is still an issue!


HOW THE HELL CAN I DEACTIVATE THIS CRAP OF A FEATURE, longer loading times, unneeded network usage, less editabillidty

I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DEACTIVATE IT, PLEASE HELP, the previous one was as it should be !

EDIT: i had someone figuring it out, its in the main game menu under game and is called "enable steam cloud" uncheck that box and your blueprints should be normal again