Cleanup system removing player builds

Kurzer shared this bug 8 months ago

Hello. I've got a hosted server and have been having an issue for a while now. I haven't done any testing on a local host yet but I'm hoping others may have had this issue and it won't be needed.

The issue is that with the cleanup system turned on, players are logging in to have some or everything removed. I personally have not been able to replicate it, admin builds seem to be immune. I have investigated multiple instances where everything was gone and have discovered that with cleanup disabled, it doesn't happen. When it's enabled, there doesn't seem to be any time frame for when it happens, sometimes within a few hours, sometimes a build that's been on the server for weeks will disappear. All cleanup settings are default. I attempted to change the settings but it didn't produce any changes, everything seemed to be random, more or less.

So after a few weeks of tracking this down and making attempts to fix the issue, I've decided to bring it here and see if anyone else was having the same type of problem? A search didn't bring up anything other than a few things that weren't related to this, maybe I didn't search for the right phrase, I don't know.

I've started making copies of all builds on my server every couple days so that when it happens, I can spawn in a semi current copy with it's inventory intact. Any help figuring this out would be a great help, it's a lot of work cleaning the server manually.



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This is happening to us as well. Anything that is connected to a rotor or piston head is being removed because it is considered a sub-grid. We've had to turn off the cleanup feature in the meantime until this gets corrected.


Keen, insert an option in the cleanup tool to just ignore player owned grids. This is so simple it's stupid. Everyday I see new players complaining on the blogs about their builds being deleted because they have no idea how the cleanup system works and I'm sure it turns many people off from playing further. I think probably every single person who has played SE has had at least one grid deleted at some point. This needs to be fixed.. it's completely ridiculous that this is even an issue when simply adding an option to ignore would resolve for all.