Clean up the workshop

Lee Conlin shared this feedback 4 months ago

The current state of the workshop is a testement to SE's incredible ability to be modified, to be creative, etc.

However, it's getting hard to find things that still work on the workshop due to outdated, abandoned or broken content floating amongst all of the "custom version for my server" mod clones.

To resolve this, I propose the following changes...

  1. Remove any piece of workshop content that has not been updated since the game left early access - this should deal with most of the abandoned or broken mods & scripts
  2. Remove all duplicated mods (i.e. those that are the same mod with minor changes)
  3. Create a new workshop category for "Server Mods" so that people who want to clone a mod and edit it for their own server can do so and the rest of us can filter them out... OR ... allow dedicated servers and their users some other means of hosting & downloading the server's custom mods.
  4. The categories and tags should not be the same... The categories seem fine but the tags add confusion... make the tags more meaningful or remove them.

Comments (2)


I don't like the idea of removing people's creations as a principle. I would rather hide them such that the owner can still play and possibly fix outdated creations. Also: Ships didn't change that much since early access, the basic functionality should still be perfectly useable.


I have not update many of my things since the game left beta on account that they still work properly.