can't play offline world when offline with SE and mods

Mark McCorkle shared this bug 11 months ago

This seems to have been reported before, but I want to go into a little more detail with my testing and to confirm that it is still an issue with 1.189.033 (playtest announced Feb 14, 2019).

What happens:

When I attempt to continue the offline game I was playing last night on a computer with no internet connection -- I am greeted with an error "Steam if Offline. Please try to change world settings to offline and load the world again" (see "change world setting to offline error.png" attached).

The world is already set to offline and was created in offline mode (see "world is offline.png" attached).

I do have mods active on the world, and from other bugs reported on the forum, I am guessing that the mod update method is the root cause.

What I expect to happen:

I'm expecting the game to, when disconnected from the internet, to be able to load from the saved world sbs/sbc file in my %APPDATA%/SpaceEngineers/Saves/ folder and the saved mods from my %APPDATA%/SpaceEngineers/Mods/ folder.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load steam normally with an internet connection.
  2. Load Space Engineers (version 1.189.033 `playtest` from Feb 14th).
  3. Create an offline solar system world.
  4. Select at least one Mod for the world.
  5. Let all assets load and begin playing.
  6. Save your world and exit the game.
  7. Verify that your world sbs/sbc and vx2 files are in %appdata%/SpaceEngineers/saves/<YOURID>/<Save world name>/
  8. Verify that your mod is in %appdata%/SpaceEngineers/mods/<MOD ID>.sbm (the mod id can be looked up from the steam workshop link such as
  9. Disconnect from your internet connection or set steam to offline.
  10. Load Space Engineers from your game menu.
  11. Click on the "Continue" button on the front menu.
  12. You will be greeted by the misleading error seen in "change world setting to offline error.png" attached below.

Possible remedies:

I am not a programmer on the team and don't want to add work to your backlog, so I'm just going to recommend the two simplest remedies I could come up with:

1) change the error text in this situation to recommend removing mods to continue playing

or preferably:

2) wrap the mod update check with an check for "is online", and skip the check for updated mods if this "is online" bool is false.

Possible Related issues:

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Hi. I have the 1.191 version, and I still get this error. The reason it matters, is that some people, like me, have really spotty Internet connections, and so often simply cannot play SE, when the Internet goes down.


The main problems I have is that not only will mods NOT work, but also certain features of SE are disabled: creating, editing, saving blueprints,( in both creative and survival!) spectator mode is nonexistent, Gamemaster is unable to be used at all.

At first I thought it was something that Steam was doing to MAKE you stay connected to them. Alas, from what I can see now SE just doesn't like being offline at all.

More later, on mobile right now.....


Was there ever any update from keen on this?


It was still a bug as of yesterday.


Well, in the last week i've been able to get back on line on a regular basis and have now found that NOTHING works when online except adding mods..... Going to uninstall SE and reload, see if that works.


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Hi I just want to inform you that if you create a save online, Then when you load up the game with no internet connection you can't find that save, and vise versa for a save created offline. :(

Ps: Block skins, Character skins, Weapon skins, and tool skins DON'T Work offline, and it is the same with Mods Scripts and Player Creations from the Steam workshop. :(

Please Fix These Problems!