Cannot start world in Single Player. Infinite Streaming screen

KEVIN MENDOZA shared this bug 6 months ago

Just downloaded Windows 10 into a new SSD so I could play space engineers again.

I've got a quite capable gaming rig with 24 GB ram, and a GTX 1070

However, I can't seem to even enter into a basic survival game.

What I've tried:

-> steam

-> start space engineers

-> Single player game -> custom -> solar system. Offline mode and survival selected.

I get a list of medical rooms. It doesn't matter which one I choose, but upon clicking 'respawn' or double clicking a medical room, the background says 'game paused,' and a circular 'streaming' loading icon spins forever. Single player mode never loads, world never loads, I never spawn.

I can press shift + escape to enter spectator mode, but it seems like time has stopped in the world I'm spectating. I can quicksave/load via f5, teleporting the dropship to my current spectator position, but I can't seem to actually play the game.

Upon quitting to main menu and reloading the save, I'm put right back at the medical room list.

Not sure what else to do to. Any suggestions?

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