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Cheyne Stahlhut shared this bug 13 months ago

Hey Guys,

I just spent a few months making a Research System style progression mod that I just put on the workshop yesterday (

One of the users has notified me that all the restrictions are completely bypassed when using the Ctrl + G function from the cockpit. It appears clearing research lists etc. doesn't affect this build mode at all.

I then looked into if I could disable building from cockpits and it appears the ModAPI only allows me to Get not Set.

Can you please fix this so the Ctrl + G mode shares the same research as trees that the below functions modify? Otherwise all that hard work was pointless :(



MyVisualScriptLogicProvider.PlayerResearchUnlock(player, id);



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I found a work around for now using .Public = true/false but that's going to mess with a couple of other mods and scenario's I can think of where they want certain blocks to remain hidden from the players..


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