BUG: Gentle Inclinations: Slippery like Oiled Metal or Ice?

S. L. shared this bug 8 months ago

Here is another observation i made ingame and that I report to you for not being realistic. I built a vehicle and that stands on a hill. The hill had a very gently slope of only 2 degree. Still, despite beign almost horizontal, the vehicle moved slowly down the slope like it would be on slippery ice or on a well-oiled very smooth metalic surface and its own wheels alo made from metal not rubber.

This is not realistic. Not even during or after heavy rain, such gentle slopes attract movemtns of objects. This needs to be fixed in a way, that only beginning form a certain percentage of incline an object gets slowly or faster being pulled downwards. But not 2 degree of inclination. I had to use a spaceship's landing gear to stop that unrealistic behavior of the vehicle.

And to make that matter even worse, the same happened to my astronaut on top of the vehicle. the figure slowly glided towards the edge of the blocks and fell down. Not realistic again, same reason.

Please make the necessary corrections.

And a suggestion: add rain in different strengths (water or other liquids) to the planets. :-)

During and shortly after the rains when having been heavy, the slippery effect could be increased.

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