BUG: Game Cannot Be Started Offline

S. L. shared this bug 8 months ago

My Internet was temporarily down, and so the Steam client was in its "offline mode". I wanted to start the SE game, but when attempting to continue my last game, it told me to try to set the settings to "offline". I did (in fact, it was already set to "offline"). Still, the saved game could not be started, always the same message to set it to "offline".

This needs to be checked.

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Ran in to this a few days ago when I was testing one of my mods out. I started the game up during Steam server maintenance and even though my world was already set to offline mode it just refused to start and kept telling me to set it to offline mode. Had to wait for the Steam servers to come back online for me to be able to load in to the world.


I have exactly the same experience.

Dear developers, I am living in rural jamaica, and while we have high-speed Internet, we don't have it often, it comes and goes. Most of the times when i want to play the game I purchased, offline, I cannot get it started because of this faulty programming code. Right now it is 2 AM in the night, and only now Internet is back again, for a few hours. Tomorrow it most likely will be gone again. Please assign some importance to fix this problem. Thanks.